The Weirdifier

Formstone Castle’s Weirdifing Service is an exercise in applying a sliding scale for artistic labor. The more you give, the more [weird] you get. The resulting weirdness balances the labor and materials with the contribution. A $10 weirder car is a pretty normal car and a $10 weirder pencil is one REALLY WEIRD pencil. A $50,000 weirder car is going to blow people away. The sky is the limit and I will do as much as I can do for the amount given.

We’re going to make things weird!
Weirder Sock
Weirder Anatomical Model
Weirder Wedding Dress

Step 1

Place your object in the Formstone Castle Drop-Box located here.

Step 2

Scan the QR code to pay with Venmo and send your contact info with your payment.


Step 3

Anxiously wait two weeks. We will let you know when you can pick it up.



Q: What is the code to put things in the box?
A: 2185 (This isn’t meant to be uncrackable, just to keep the wandering porch pirates out.)

Q: What if my thing is too large for the drop-box?
A: Knock on the door, or if it needs special “white glove” handling email in advance so we can be here to receive.

Q: Can I request how my thing is weirdified?
A: No! Your thing is at the mercy of the weirdifier

Q: I dropped off my thing, but have not heard back, what do I do?
A: It doesn’t hurt to remind me and you shouldn’t feel bad emailing me:

Drop Box Location

The red drop box is located out front and hard to miss.  Parking can be a pain so plan on just putting your blinkers on for a few min while you drop off your thing and scan the QR code.

Formstone Castle

218 S Castle Street

Baltimore, MD 21231