About Weirdifier

Weirdifier is another demented project from Baltimore’s Formstone Castle Arts Collective.  

Formstone Castle is a small team based out of Upper Fells Point, Baltimore, bringing together the enthusiasm and diverse skillsets of many different communities to make art for festivals and events, as well as simply for the joy of creation. The projects are typically envisioned and produced by lead artist Michael Bowman, and made real through the efforts of numerous volunteers and collaborative artists, who bring a wealth of professional and amateur visual art, music, technology, graphic design, fabrication, and building skills and experience of all kinds to our projects, which evolve through the collective vision of everyone involved.


Michael Bowman

Lead Artist

Dr. Siri Ming

Queen of Projectland



A weirder wedding dress
A weirder anatomical model
Weirder Sock

Locally Sourced

Dreamed up in the Formstone Castle backyard art studio, Lead Artist Michael Bowman sits for HOURS each day surrounded by blinking lights, distracting screens, and blaring speakers teasing ideas out of the universe spanning Mind Freight thoroughfares criss crossing our Earth based dimension.



Past Projects

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Our Studio

With funds raised by 2021’s Cicada Parade-a, Formstone Castle has made improvements to the shed making it a cozy year long idea factory.