Get in Touch

Whether you’re inquiring about your object’s projected completion or how you can pick it up, email is best.  I’ll do my very best to get back to you in a timely fashion:

Just when the pandemic couldn’t get any weirder, Mike starts a weirdifing service.

Theoretical Customer

I don’t know why they left all these text areas here for me to make weirder

Mike Bowman – Weird Artist


Formstone Castle is located halfway down the 200 block of South Castle Street.  It’s a small street with parked cars on both sides.  We’re the house on the right with the flags on the roof deck. 

Parking is difficult after 5pm so it may be best to put on your blinkers and park in the street while you drop off your object.  Feel free to knock on the door if you’d like us to retrieve your normal looking thing before someone steals it.